Attributes of Product Roadmap

product roadmapping can play an important role in bridging the gap between management, marketing and product development by forcing management to consider both product positioning and development aspects at the same time. Product roadmap is important to account for services in the product roadmap, and that a common conceptual view of the product may be lacking even when the development organization is small.

Furthermore, the roadmap helps in making resource allocation trade-offs between product and service development. Because a sense of urgency is always present when dealing with small companies, an incremental and systematic process for roadmapping seems necessary

Some attributes of product roadmap

The market, the life cycle, where you are in the adoption curve, pricing and distribution are all factors to consider.

Draw a distinction between goals and commitments on a feature by feature and time level. You don't commit to something that doesn't have some sort of supporting plan so you have confidence in it.

Often times releases will be anchored by defining features and then other enhancements.

Features need to be prioritized based on business bang for the buck, market windows.


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