Scrum methodology of Agile

Can we afford not to use Agile software methodology? I think no. Water fall model may complete your project on the time according to specification but may not deliver value to the end user. That’s why continues feedback is important though the whole software life cycle.

Agile software development aims to develop and implement software quickly in close cooperation with the customer in an adaptive way, so that it is possible to react to changes set by the changing business environment and at the same time maintain effectiveness and efficiency.

To accomplish this you should emphasis on tacit knowledge and sharing it via frequent face-to-face communication and by concentrating on producing working software instead of documentation.

SCRUM is an agile, lightweight process for managing and controlling software and product development in rapidly changing environments. Iterative, incremental process Team-based approach developing systems/ products with rapidly changing requirements Controls the chaos of conflicting interest and needs Improve communication and maximize cooperation Protecting the team form disruptions and impediments A way to maximize productivity

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