Characteristics of Agile Managers

In Agile Project Management, managers play their role in different way. They need more particle skills than old project managers. Agile managers should have the following behavioral characteristics:

1. Innovative — feeling comfortable in fast-changing environments; being willing to take risks and to consider new and untested approaches

2. Strategic — taking a long-range, broad approach to problem solving and decision making through objective analysis, thinking ahead, and planning

3. Excitement — operating with good deal of energy, intensity, and emotional expression; having a capacity for keeping others enthusiastic and involved

4. Tactical — emphasizing the production of immediate results by focusing on short-range, hands-on, practical strategies

5. Communication — stating clearly what you want and expect from others; clearly expressing your thoughts and ideas; maintaining a precise and constant flow of information

6. Delegation — enlisting the talents of others to help meet objectives by giving them important activities and sufficient autonomy to exercise their own judgment

7. Production — adopting a strong orientation toward achievement; holding high expectations for yourself and others; pushing yourself and others to achieve at high levels

8. Consensual — valuing the ideas and opinions of others and collecting their input as part of your decision-making process


  1. In my opinion, I think that #6 (delegation) is the most challenging characteristic of agile managers. To delegate means that you are encouraging individuals to be creative, and come up with new ideas and solutions. It also enables them to make sound judgments on their own, whether they are good or bad. This is where delegating tasks can be challenging, especially for managers who like to be involved. When you delegate, you are “trusting” that the team is capable of solving issues related to the task, and that they make the best decision. Therefore, delegating not only means to empower but it also means to trust.