Team building Tips for Project Managers

Every project manager wants high performance teams because effective & motivated teams magnify the accomplishments of individuals and enable you to better serve customers. As a team leader it is your responsibility to motivate team members. Here are some tips for How to build high performance team & increase employee involvement.

Clear Goals
Make sure that the team goals are totally clear and completely understood and accepted by each team member. Keep the vision for the project front and center. Remind people what is going to be different as a result of your collective efforts.

Open Communications
Make sure there are no blocked lines of communications and you and your people stay fully informed. Effective interpersonal communication among members and successful communication with managers and employees external to the team are critical components of team functioning.

Positive Relationships
Develop and maintain positive relationships among members. Be careful with interpersonal issues. Recognize them early and deal with them till full resolution.

Consensus and Commitment
For issues that rely on the team consensus and commitment, involve more the whole team in the decision making process.

Sense of Responsibility & Ownership
Provide each employee with a distinct definition of his or her own responsibilities, both individually and as it relates to group projects. This eliminates confusion over who is accountable for what, and allows employees to relate without struggling over responsibilities.

Progress & Feedback
Give them regular progress reports about what’s been achieved so far. And make sure they know that their input is valued. Give your feedback about their work.

You can find Some Team building faqs at
Team building question answers for Project Managers


  1. I agree with you Agile Project Managers should always try to make motivated teams. So that the team itself can produce a high quality product in a small period. Thanks for your nice tips.

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